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How can you learn to code at home?

Teaching Yourself to Code

“Computers have memory but they don’t have memories.” - Anonymous Of all the languages in the world, programming languages are among the most commonly used despite relatively few people knowing them. Not know the first thing about JavaScript, PHP, object-oriented programming, or C? You’ve come to the right place. Most households in the UK possess at […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How can you learn to code online?

Learning to Code Online

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” - Martin Fowler Do you know what a computer programmer does? Is programming alien to you? Do you need to be a tech whizz to program computers? Is code only something you see in films? Is HTML […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Which are the best online programming courses?

Learning to Code for Free

Anyone who wants to become a computer programmer or developer will need to learn how to code and perhaps even obtain qualifications in programming. However, it’s not like they’re giving away free computer science degrees and the cost of going to university might put many people off the whole idea. So can you learn to code […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Can you learn to code with videos?

Learning How to Code with Videos

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, many people are trying their hands at learning how to code. Programming skills are highly sought after so it’s easy to understand why so many people are studying how to code. However, learning to code isn’t that easy. You need to learn about programming languages, app development, web […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How can you create your first animation?

Getting Started with Animation

“First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.” - Walt Disney Do you dream of joining Disney or Pixar? Are you a huge fan of animation? Why not make an animation? The animation industry in the UK is doing rather well and whether it’s in films or games, animators are having a good time […]

22 December 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

How do you get started with animation?

Animating for the First Time

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” - Walt Disney Mickey Mouse is probably one of the most famous characters ever created. Disney’s mascot is recognisable all over the world. Similarly, characters like Simba, Ariel, and Elsa are also very popular. These characters define our childhoods and have inspired many to take […]

22 December 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

What do you need to make animations?

The Tools for Animating

“To succeed, work hard, never give up and above all cherish a magnificent obsession.” - Walt Disney Arguably, animation has never been more popular. From the first Disney films to now, animation has come a long way! The number of animated films and animation studios seems to increase every year. Animation is everywhere from TV […]

22 December 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Which are the best animation programs?

Programs for Creating Animations

“Here is the world of imagination, hopes, and dreams. In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic and make-believe are reborn - and fairy tales come true.” - Walt Disney Since 1934’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released, Disney has continued to grow and produce animated films that have inspired […]

22 December 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Why should you use smartphone apps to learn?

Reasons to Use Apps for Revision

“The unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates No matter what kind of smartphone you have, you should be able to enjoy a variety of useful apps. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have plenty of apps that you can use online and offline almost anywhere. Our phones are almost part […]

29 March 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Which are the best apps for learning?

The Best Revision Apps

“The challenge for a human now is to be more interesting to another than his or her smartphone.” - Alain de Botton Maths, science, and English are still all subjects that you have to study and most parents would love to have enough time to help their children with every part of their schooling. After […]

29 March 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How can you do your homework well?

How to Do Homework Effectively Online

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.” - Allan Bloom Internet usage has exploded since the early 2000s and children in primary school learn about using computers and are used to browsing the internet by the time they reach secondary school. Computer programs, apps, and websites can all play an important role in a […]

29 March 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Which are the best websites for helping you with your homework?

Great Websites and Apps to Help You with Your Schooling and Homework

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela Parents are struggling to keep up with the children’s schoolwork, especially with lockdowns, restrictions, and school closures. 2020 forced a lot of students to change the way they did their schoolwork and their homework and with students unable […]

29 March 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Yoga Classes in Christchurch

Breathe in. Breathe out. Inhale air, and exhale all your problems and stress. Sounds ideal right? But where do you begin in a journey to strengthen your body, but also your mind, soul, and all that other jazz? One answer: Yoga. This ancient meditative practice has a plethora of studies supporting its numerous benefits in […]

6 April 2021 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Not every yoga stretching pose is this intense

Top Yoga Poses to Improve Your Posture

Yoga is a light that, once lit, will never be extinguished. The more you practise, the stronger that flame becomes. - B.K.S Iyengar Today, our lifestyle is based on... not necessarily the best behaviours. To wit, we now suffer from a host of health problems because much of our lives is spent in front of […]

29 January 2021 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Let a yoga instructor help you master the asanas

The Ten Best Yoga Poses for Your Abs

Yoga, as a lifestyle and philosophy, can be practised by all who aspire to because it belongs to all of humanity. - Shri K Pattabhi Jois This quote, by that famous yogi, goes on to say: "It is not the property of any group or individual, and can be accomplished by anyone, anywhere in the […]

29 January 2021 ∙ 9 minutes to read

The Most Effective Yoga Poses for the Upper Body

Yoga is music. the rhythm of the body, the music of the spirit and the harmony of the soul create a symphony. - Sri B.K.S Iyengar Nowadays, yoga weaves itself into our daily activities. The practice is becoming more democratic - more people of all ages are finding peace and vigour through yoga. Yoga is […]

29 January 2021 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Where should you visit in Japan?

A Quick Guide to Japan’s Main Islands

Japan is made up of four main islands. Honshu, the biggest of the four, is home to the Japanese capital of Tokyo as well as several other large cities. Hokkaido, to the north, is a popular holiday destination, especially when it comes to winter sports. In the south, we find Shikoku, the smallest of these […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Should you visit Shikoku?

The Best Things to See and Do in Shikoku

The island of Shikoku is Japan’s fourth-largest and separate from Honshu, the island where Tokyo is located, by the Seto Inland Sea. It’s a place that’s often wrongly left unvisited by tourists to Japan. Even though it doesn’t feature famous cities like Osaka, Kyoto, or Kamakura, Shikoku is home to 4.5 million people, covers 18,000km2, […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 7 minutes to read

What is there to visit in Honshu?

What to See and Do in Honshu

Honshu is Japan’s main and most central island, home to cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and also the most popular island for tourists to visit. Honshu is home to many different cultures and a fine example of modern Japan. There are tonnes of things to see and do in Honshu, but that doesn’t […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Should you visit Kyushu?

The Best Things to Do In Kyushu

Kyushu is the third-largest island in Japan after Honshu and Hokkaido and covers 36,000km2. While it isn’t home to the most famous cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, or Nara, it is home to over 13 million people and some iconic towns of its own. A trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without visiting Kyushu. You […]

28 January 2021 ∙ 7 minutes to read

How do you learn the notes on a guitar?

Learning the Notes on a Fretboard

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” - Plato Learning how to play the guitar means that you’ll have to learn which notes each of the 20 to 24 frets on the fretboard correspond […]

30 January 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

How do you hold a guitar?

Positions for Playing Guitar

“Guitar is the best form of self-expression I know. Everything else, and I'm just sort of tripping around, trying to figure my way through life.” - Slash It’s impossible to master music theory and play guitar solos and chords if you don’t practise. There are an estimated 50 million guitarists in the world of which 16% […]

30 January 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How do you clean a guitar?

Cleaning Your Guitar

“Music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life.” - Keith Richards Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and electro-acoustic guitars all need to be maintained to sound good and play well. Changing the strings, cleaning the neck, and even cleaning out the case are all great ways to […]

30 January 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Which guitar should I play?

Choosing Guitars

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” - Jane Swan Choosing your guitar in a shop or online can seem like a herculean task at times. So how do you decide between a classical guitar and a folk guitar? Guitars, despite what many may think, are […]

30 January 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

What are GCSEs like now?

Exam time: how to stay calm and do your best

Exams cause peak stress events in students' lives, no matter if s/he is at the top of the class or struggling in a few subjects. It's not that student life isn't stressful in and of itself. Besides the general anxiety that comes from competing in society - even one as self-contained as school, peer pressure […]

9 December 2020 ∙ 9 minutes to read

Tutors, How to Ensure Every First Lesson Goes Well

Tutors are supposedly the paragons of confidence and assurance, right? Furthermore, we're not only supposed to embody those qualities but we're supposed to imbue our students with them. Expectations are all fine and well but the truth is very different, isn't it? Just like any first meeting - job interviews, making friends, first dates, the […]

27 November 2020 ∙ 12 minutes to read

What qualifications do art teachers need?

Tutors: 12 Teaching Strategies for Effective Student Learning

What makes tutoring work so well is the one-to-one relationship between the student and tutor. With only one person to focus on, tutors can try a variety of teaching techniques in order to work out the most effective strategies to help their pupil understand a topic. This article's introductory sentence describes the fundamental problem with […]

27 November 2020 ∙ 11 minutes to read

What are GCSEs and A Levels like now?

Coping with Exam Failure

Sometimes it can be very difficult to predict the outcome of your exams, whether you're in primary or secondary school, or even enrolled in the university degree plan of your choice. This is probably because exams are one of students' most feared aspects of education. Even if you're confident in your abilities to expound on your […]

27 November 2020 ∙ 11 minutes to read