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Why learning English is so important in New Zealand

New Zealand is a largely English-speaking country with over 95% of the population being native speakers of that language. This means that it's a country where learning ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) can be extremely important both in professional and everyday life. From another point of view, living in New Zealand can also be a great opportunity for English learners to practise the language daily and boost their skills. Let us give you a few reasons why the English language can be so useful.

First of all, English is simply the first international language and so millions of people use it to communicate all around the world. English is the language used in international organizations, in diplomatic relations, in the tourism industry or in commerce. It can open a lot of job opportunities for you and be useful when travelling. It is also the language of science and is necessary to stay up to date on a variety of different topics. Additionally, English-speaking countries have very rich cultures and English language students can simply have fun taking ESOL courses.

As you can see, learning ESOL can be really beneficial and, luckily, New Zealand has everything you need for it. You will find a lot of language schools, universities and language exchange groups where you can practice English with other students and improve your level while learning new things. And if you ever struggle with your courses or simply want to learn faster, you can easily find excellent private ESOL teachers who will offer you personalised help.

Online resources for ESOL students

Most English learners start learning the language in school, university or a private institution by taking courses. This is the traditional way to learn a new language and, indeed, it often works for a lot of people. However, we may often not be altogether satisfied with how fast we progress and how clearly we understand grammar rules. If this is also your case, we have great news for you. Now, you can find lots of online resources that will help you accelerate your learning and improve your understanding of the language.

One especially useful resource to learn English is Duolingo. It's an app on which you can practice your ESOL skills by translating sentences into a language you know. It makes the learning process playful and more fun. You should know that some language teachers even use Duolingo during their courses to help their students. You can easily find Duolingo online and it is completely free.

Aside from Duolingo, there are also other apps for ESOL learners, such as Babbel or Rosetta Stone. Each of these is a great resource too and lots of students in New Zealand use these applications, but they need to pay for them.

Finally, there is an excellent online tool to pick up new vocabulary which is called Memrise. It provides you with a variety of courses on different topics for all levels of learners. You can find information about each course on their website and choose the most useful ones for you.

If you use these online applications to complement your ESOL courses at school or with a private teacher in New Zealand, you will be surprised how quickly your level will improve. To get even better results, you can tell your personal English teacher what resources you use and they will adapt their courses accordingly, so you will work only on useful topics and spend your time more efficiently.

The advantages of learning English with a personal teacher

When we learn a new language we discover a whole new world for us with its culture and rules. But naturally, we are more interested in some aspects of that world than in others. A foreign lawyer would probably be more motivated by focusing on legal English. A literature enthusiast would like to read books and poetry. A physician would be interested in scientific terms. The problem of learning a language in a classroom is that each class includes people with different interests and it's almost impossible for a teacher to find stimulating topics for everyone.

This is why learning ESOL with a private teacher in New Zealand can be a great solution. Your teacher will tailor their lessons and teaching methods to your needs and only use resources relevant to you. This will make learning English more motivating for you and you will want to work harder.

On top of that, a private teacher will be able to focus on your particular difficulties. Some students struggle with grammar and others with pronunciation or reading. Private teachers can see right away what problems each student has and make their teaching more efficient. They can even recommend some online resources to use on your own when you come across a particularly difficult topic.

Finally, private ESOL teachers can also be of great help to advanced English students. When you have a good level in a foreign language you only make minor grammar mistakes so what you need is to learn more new vocabulary and to practise. Practising with private teachers is very efficient because you will spend the entire duration of your courses talking.

Finding great ESOL teachers in New Zealand

Now that you know how great it can be to learn English with a private teacher, the only remaining question is how to find one. We have the answer to this question, which is Superprof. On our website, you will come across the profiles of a multitude of English teachers giving their courses in person or online. We will provide you with all the necessary information about them, such as their price rates, location or experience and you will also be able to read reviews written by other students to learn more about each teacher. Finally, the majority of our qualified ESOL teachers offer their first lesson for free, which can be a great opportunity to try out different teaching methods and select the perfect one for you.

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