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The average price of English  lessons is $21.

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Why put time into English classes?

We start speaking English as children and use this language throughout our lives. So when we talk about learning it, we don't mean learning it in the same way a foreigner would do. But, yes, even as native speakers we need to develop such linguistic skills as reading and writing. We also need to expand our vocabulary constantly so that we can understand more complex subjects and talk about them. Studying English is a way for students in schools to discover the full power of language and learn how to express their thoughts and ideas more clearly which will be useful in all areas of their education, as well as in their personal and professional lives. Not surprisingly some parents send their children to study English in a private institute or college.

Superprof has thousands of English tutors all over New Zealand, both in big cities like Auckland or Christchurch and in smaller towns, who will help you improve your results in English in no time whether you are following an English course at school or university or studying on your own. Our tutors can also help international students who come to New Zealand on exchange programmes to learn English as a foreign language. If you plan to sit an IELTS exam you may need some extra training. Our experienced tutors teach students of all ages and levels and will offer you exactly the kind of classes that you're looking for, either online or in person. You can set up a meeting with them at any time: after school, on weekends or during school holidays. Remember that even a few weeks can be enough to boost your level.

What do students learn in English classes?

The English language is one of the major learning areas in primary and secondary school in New Zealand. We usually start learning it formally at the age of 4 and keep on having English classes until Year 13. The English curriculum in school includes four main areas: reading, writing, speaking and grammar including punctuation. Over the course of the years, students gradually improve their comprehension of texts, learn how to write without spelling mistakes and become able to coherently express their thoughts and to present relevant arguments, which is in fact the main objective of receiving education. As students become more and more at ease with English, their performance in other subjects also gets better. Studying English is about how we communicate and express ourselves in general. It can be useful to talk with our classmates or business partners. These skills can be useful in any area of study as well as in personal life and should be at the centre of our attention. We could very well devote a couple of hours per week to it.

Another important part of the school curriculum in New Zealand is English literature. It may indeed seem pointless to study Shakespeare plays in our time, but thanks to literature we can discover new ways of thinking and get better acquainted with our past. Books open our minds to original ideas and shape our understanding of the world. And then reading doesn't have to be boring. You simply need to find a book that will be inspiring and enjoyable for you. Novels present a wide variety of genres including science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, love and detective stories. The full list of literary genres would be extremely long. On the other hand, reading non-fiction can be a great way to broaden your knowledge about the world and learn new things. If an interesting book falls into your hands, reading can become a perfect solution to improve your command of the English language while having a nice time. If you want some recommendations, you can find lists of good books online on www.lifehack.org or www.libraryreads.org.

Learning grammar may be a great challenge for students who study English in school. We acquire grammatical rules unconsciously as we grow up, that's why it can be pretty hard to analyse and to explain them. Grammar is often even part of numerous higher education programmes and university English language students follow a special course to arrive at a full understanding of the subject. But grammar is worth spending time on as it allows you to understand the language more deeply and use it more properly. Grammar can also help you avoid more general spelling mistakes. The English language has lots of words that sound the same but are written differently. To write them correctly you need, in fact, to know what they are. This can be difficult for a student. Spending some time studying grammar can help solve the problem. And then it can also serve you if you work as an international English teacher.

It may happen that students struggle to keep up with their English classes. Getting private tuition is a solution for that, which is cheaper and more efficient than courses at an international college or a language institute, for example. A tutor can help you sort out your priorities and focus on material that will be relevant for you. One-to-one tuition is far more efficient than studying in a language institute in a room with 20 other students. Taking individual private classes, you will grow more confident and have better results in English. You shouldn't underestimate how important it is for a student to be encouraged by another person. It will stimulate you to work harder because you'll know you're on the right track. So why not say yes to private English courses and boost your level in a few weeks?

Private tuition in the English language

Your dream may be to become a writer, a journalist, a scientist or a marketer. You may have English exams soon or want to improve your understanding of written texts in general. Your objective may be to boost your critical thinking so that you can discuss news items in a discussion club. Whatever achievement you strive for, individual English tutoring courses with a qualified tutor can be worth your while. What's more, you can take your classes online and don't waste time commuting to the city centre or where your classes take place.

Of course, if you follow English courses with other students it may be useful too because you'll be able to share your experience and learn from others' mistakes. But the advantage of one-to-one tuition is that you choose your own rhythm and the topics you need to deal with. A private tutor can pinpoint your weaknesses and indicate the areas of study you should focus on. They can even propose you English tutoring course materials that'll kindle your interest and incite you to study more. All this will help you advance more quickly. English is the first international language and we are lucky to have it as our mother tongue. Private tuition is a way to get the most out of it. So, yes, it does have a lot of benefits.

Finding perfect English courses in New Zealand

You can look for a private tutor through different means. You can publish a classified ad in a local newspaper, you can contact local schools or simply find an English teacher by word of mouth... But let us suggest you a good tool to search for a private teacher, which is Superprof. It will help you find private English tutors to improve your level anywhere in New Zealand, whether you live in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington or another city.

You can connect to www.superprof.co.nz from your phone, tablet or laptop whenever you need it and wherever you are. Superprof provides you with all the necessary information, such as geographical location, prices, types of tuition or other information about the teacher. You can also read about the experience of other students on our website, which will help you identify the tutor that best suits your interests. You won't spend weeks anymore trying to find a good teacher to study the English language with. Superprof will make your search really easy.


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