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💰What is the average price of Biology lessons?

The average price of Biology  lessons is $15.

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Why do we study biology in New Zealand?

Biology is a branch of natural science whose purpose is the investigation and analysis of life and its various forms on our planet. Biology studies the structure of different organisms, their functioning, their evolution and their relationships and helps us understand the world we live in. Biology itself then can be divided in several branches depending on what aspect of biological sciences they focus on. Cell biology or cytology, developmental biology, marine biology, molecular biology, botany, ecology, physiology, genetics, microbiology and zoology are just some of the main specialisations that exist in biological studies.

In New Zealand, we have various opportunities to study biology and its branches at any level of education. Throughout our primary education and secondary education, biology is a compulsory subject within our science course. But we can also keep on studying biology after our NCEA exams by doing a bachelor's and a master's degree in that science.

The government invests large sums of money into biological research and a lot of scientists, engineers or teachers work in the area. It is possible to find different higher education establishments that offer university programmes for students who want to work in biology professionally in the future. Biological studies will open a lot of doors for you because lots of companies, from pharmaceutical corporations to environmental NGOs, are looking for specialists in this area. For example, from the point of view of ecology, marine conservation is a particularly important issue.

Biology is so important because it is closely related to other sciences. This means that it is important to learn about the different manifestations of life not only for biology itself, but also to develop research in other subjects. We are referring here, for example, to such areas of study as chemistry, geography, mathematics, engineering or even computer science. In fact, three other areas emerge from the latter: computational molecular biology, computational biology and biocomputing. All these areas are, of course, extremely important to understand our world.

Biology is a very useful subject but, from the point of view of a student, it can also be a difficult one. It requires students to learn a lot of information about very different organisms, which can be challenging and takes time to learn. But you shouldn't be discouraged by those difficulties because you can get help from a private teacher who will make you progress in biology pretty quickly. What's more you'll be able to receive help at home or online.

Why students take private biology courses

If you feel that you struggle with achieving the results you aim for at school, it is highly recommended that you approach your teacher and identify what the reason may be. If you know this information it will help you take an appropriate action, according to the origin and the seriousness of the problem. You shouldn't think it's uncommon for a student to experience difficulties in different school subjects. In fact, it happens to more students than you may think.

Students often start having difficulties not by their own fault but due to how biological education is organized in the formal education system. School classes tend to be large groups of students, especially in municipal schools, so no matter how hard the teacher tries to care for each of their students, it is impossible, considering that they need to follow the curriculum and perform lots of other tasks in little time. It would be difficult for them to take into account the point of view of each student.

Consequently, when a student starts receiving private support courses, whether in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or any other school subject, it will help them catch up at school, stimulate them to participate more in classes and boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.

A private biology teacher can also be of help if you want to prepare for your NCEA exams which will be necessary to enter higher education and do a bachelor's degree in New Zealand. The period before the exams can be extremely stressful for students and having someone to support them will certainly have a positive effect both on their academic results and their mental health. Taking online lessons can save the student some time.

Benefits of taking private courses

Learning about life sciences with a private tutor is one of the best options to make progress in the subject and improve your grades. Whether you want to catch up with your class, prepare for an end-of-year test, the NCEA or bachelor's degree exams, private tutoring is the best way to acquire the knowledge you need and boost your level in sciences: in biology, as well as in chemistry and physics.

Its main advantage is that you'll receive completely personalised lessons, in which you're alone with the tutor and can impose the pace at which the contents are reviewed and choose the way of learning. Private teachers tailor their courses to the unique characteristics and the level of each of their students. What's more, you can take your lessons online - for which you'll only need a good webcam and an Internet connection - or in person - at your home, the teacher's home or the place you prefer.

With private courses, you'll learn more quickly and efficiently than at school. You'll choose, of course, your own schedule and you'll be able to ask your teacher all the questions you want without being shy. As a result, you start enjoying the subject, grow more confident and have the motivation to work harder. All you need is to hire the right private tutor who'll teach you the lessons you're looking for.

Superprof can help you find the perfect biology tutor in New Zealand

On the Internet, we can find a variety of offers of biology courses taught by different teachers, but we often can't be sure that we're given truthful information. Superprof was created with the sole objective of making your search process simpler and more reliable. We have a team dedicated to checking that the information in each teacher's profile is true. Superprof has thousands of biology tutors across New Zealand so you'll certainly find one close to you, wherever you live.

On our website, you can find all the useful information about our tutors such as their location, prices, experience or the level they teach, as well as read reviews written by former students. All this will give you a complete idea about each tutor and you'll be able to make an informed choice.

Finally, many of our qualified biology tutors offer a first lesson for free. Take this opportunity to get to know them directly and decide if you want to go on learning with them before taking any obligation.



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