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The average price of French  lessons is $31.

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Why take French language classes?

Even though there aren't that many French speakers in New-Zealand, French occupies an important place in our school curriculum and is often learnt as the first foreign language. There are reasons for that. The language of Molière is spoken by an estimated 274 million people worldwide and is the 13th most widely spoken language by native speakers. French is also the second language in international relations and an important number of countries use it as an official language or a language of communication. Learning French and French culture also means being able to communicate with people abroad. So what's the best way to learn that language? We would recommend you find a private tutor who'll teach you something new about French language and culture in each course.

Learning French is not exactly difficult for English speakers because the two languages have a lot of similarities. Maybe you know that around 50% of English vocabulary is derived from Latin and came into English through medieval French. Even though many years have passed since then and the languages have changed, when you start learning French, a lot of words will already be familiar to you. However, the pronunciation and the grammar of the two languages are very different. French has a lot of nasal sounds you'll need to get used to and its verbs can take a lot of different forms which can be confusing. Given this, it's easy to understand why it's so important to take French classes if you want to learn the language really well. The good news is that thanks to Superprof, finding a French tutor has become really easy. On our website, you'll find thousands of French tutors across New Zealand and online who'll boost your level of French in a few weeks.

Why is it beneficial to learn French?

English is, of course, the first international language and you can use it to speak with people from all around the world. However, speaking two languages instead of one can be even better. For example, one day you may need to translate from French at work. If you're able to do so, your career progression can become much quicker.

The French language can also be very useful for traveling. It will serve you in lots of countries. First of all, it is the official or one of the official languages of 5 countries in Europe: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monaco. And then, it is spoken in America, Africa and Asia, in such countries as Canada, Gabon, Cameroon, Madagascar, Lebanon, Seychelles, Comoros, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Tunisia and many others. Traveling there can be, of course, a much richer experience if you speak the French language. You'll get to know the locals much closer and learn a lot more about their customs and traditions.

There are various options to improve your level in French in a French-speaking country: an intensive course, an internship, a school holiday or a linguistic stay. Many New Zealand universities, like the University of Auckland, have exchange programmes with French-speaking countries and it's quite easy to go there as a student to spend a couple of years abroad. Staying in a French-speaking country will improve your accent, grammar and vocabulary and help you speak more fluently. You'll be able to read local newspapers and learn more about the country's culture. But if you want to get the most out of it, it's, of course, better to learn some basics before you go there. You'll be able to use French in daily communication right from the start and feel much more comfortable in the country. The best way to get ready for a linguistic stay abroad is to take some French language lessons with a private tutor.

Why private French courses are so efficient

When you study with a private teacher, you can draw up a timetable that will be compatible with your other activities. Choosing the right time for your lessons can be crucial because for each course you'll need energy and concentration. Studying right after seven hours of other lessons may not be the best idea. It's better to find a moment in your week when you're not so tired.

A private teacher will tailor their lessons to your needs and interests which means that you'll learn exciting things and get more and more motivated with each lesson. Studying in a friendly and relaxing environment is also extremely important. You'll feel comfortable to ask questions about difficult grammar rules and not worry about making pronunciation mistakes. This may be more difficult if you learn the language in class because everybody would listen to you when you ask and you'd feel more pressure.

Private French courses are also a great solution to get more practice. If you already have a good level in French you can take conversation lessons and just speak in French for one or more hours with your tutor. Thanks to such discussions your level will improve even more, you'll become more fluent and learn new things from your teacher. Having one or two conversation classes a week can be a very efficient way of learning. If you read a couple of French books on top of that, people soon won't be able to tell you from a native any more.

Find the perfect French tutor with Superprof

Don't want to spend weeks looking for a good teacher? Superprof has thousands of qualified French language teachers from Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and smaller cities across New Zealand. Or else you can take lessons with a native speaker from a French-speaking country online. The best way to start is to make it clear what your goals and objectives are and what you expect to get from your classes. This way, you will know how to choose the best of the many excellent tutors we have at Superprof.

Take into account your short-, medium- and long-term learning goals, as well as whether you have any prior knowledge of the language. You also need to decide if you want to focus on some specific vocabulary, such as business French, or more general expressions and how many lessons per week you'd like to take. You should bear all this in mind because some teachers specialise in particular areas or teach only certain levels of students. And if you want to eventually obtain a French language certificate, you'll need someone who knows how the exams you'll sit are organised and what skills you'll need to succeed.

Once you know what you're looking for, Superprof will do the rest. We will propose you the best French tutors in Auckland, Wellington or anywhere else in New Zealand and provide you with all the necessary information. What's more, most of our tutors offer their first course for free. This means you'll know you've found your perfect teacher even before actually hiring them.

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