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The invoices for your lessons are issued by your teacher, those for your subscription by the platform.
Invoice for your lessons
The payment for your lessons goes to your tutor, it is up to them to provide you with the invoices for the lessons taken together.

Payment receipts for your courses are available in your account!

To find them:

  • Go to the 'My Account' tab

  • 'My Payments'

  • Click on the pink “Payment to…” button

Invoice for your subscription
Go to the 'My Invoices' tab (via the 'My Account' tab) to download them.
An invoice is created and issued when your contact fees are debited. The data entered (first name, last name, address) on your profile will be displayed.
Do you want to modify any of the personal data on the invoice?
Go back via the 'My Account' tab of your profile then modify your details. As soon as this new data is validated, your invoice will be automatically updated.