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Passionate Medievalist and Classicist with a specialization in Languages and linguistics. Ask me about Philology :)

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I like to employ a scaffolding teaching method, fancy term for working from the foundational basics and progressing to the next logical steps. It is incredibly important to me that my students have fun and come to love the studies as much as I do. I love implementing media, relevant articles, movies, contemporary literature, and inculcating a sense of place in the international community and what the studies can do to serve you.


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About Elena

I have over 5 years advanced experience in Latin and Ancient Greek. Major in Classics and Medieval Studies and minor in Linguistics. I am proficient in Cicero, Catullus, Abelard, Ovid, Homer, Hesiod, Sappho, and all the logographoi.
I also have a sub-specialty in Old-English and advanced studies in English Literature including Anglo-Saxon works, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Arthurian Literature.
Expertise in Dante’s Divine Comedy
I am also a professional artist and art historian. I worked 3 years as an independent set designer in the theatre business.



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