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Maths tuition in Surrey Heath - KS2, KS3, KS4 and preparation for Pilot Aptitude exams

About the lesson

Maths does not always come easily to students, and so I will identify weaknesses in methodology and try and break down key subject areas into manageable 'chunks'.
I will provide worksheets for key practice - all from the national curriculum syllabus.


  • Maths


  • English


  • Primary
  • High School
  • NCEA Level 1
  • +7

    NCEA Level 2

    NCEA Level 3

    Adult education





About Dan

I am a trainee professional pilot with GCSE, A level and FSMQ Additional Mathematics qualifications. I can teach up to KS4 - but have a specialism in teaching KS2/3 maths to students who struggle to grasp the core concepts. I also provide training to people undertaking PILAPT Airline selection days, for aspiring pilots.



  • 5h: $145
  • 10h: $290


  • $29/h


KS2: £10 per hour
KS3: £12 per hour
KS4: £15 per hour
PILAPT: £15 per hour

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