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  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
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A highly qualified Psychology and Education professional with a great passion to empower and help people from all backgrounds to improve their knowledge, skills, health and wellbeing.


My teaching method is to meet each students needs and to help students minimise their stress and to improve their health and wellbeing, so as to enhance their learning. I use the Positive Learning Framework to help students become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

I use reflective based teaching methods, critical thinking strategies, setting goals, lessons on role playing, video clips and suggested book reading on achieving goals, nutritional diets, health and wellbeing.

I also develop Individual Education Programs (IEP) to suit the needs of the individual student. I use positive reinforcement strategies to motivate students to learn more effectively and to complete their tasks.


I have previously worked as a School Psychologist assessing and counselling students with intellectual disabilities, socio-emotional issues and behavioural issues. I also previously worked as a teacher. I have been giving personal coaching to primary , high school and university students, particularly in the area of Health and Wellbeing since 2011.

I have worked with students experiencing learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, slow learners, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and mild autism.

I have always been very passionate to empower people (students and non students) of all ages to achieve positive results and their goals and to reach their full potential and to become their best version of themselves.


Transportation Fee : $8
Rate for online lessons : $31/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $155
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $310


I would need at least 4hrs cancellation time prior to appointment.

Lessons offered by Vanitha
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Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal development
  • All Levels

Vanitha 's CV


Offering a combination of my knowledge and experience into career transition

A self-directed and highly skilled tertiary qualified Provisional School Psychologist and Student Mentor with extensive experience in fostering supportive relationships with disengaged and at risk students to overcome complex behavioural issues through effective counselling, mentorship and support to address and engage individual student needs and implement various mental health plans to address various psycho-social issues.

Without a doubt my highly developed interpersonal and communication skills have been the biggest contributor to success within my career. Being able to effectively build rapport with internal and external stake holder’s has been a massive contributing factor, allowing me to quickly diagnose, plan and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

My previous experience as a Tutor of a unit called “Wellbeing” and as a Supervisor of Pre- Service teachers at UWA and Murdoch allowed me to gain an in depth knowledge of University policies, procedures and my scope of work. Supporting students is a deep passion of mine which shone through after receiving exemplary verbal and written feedback from staff and students from the student survey about my teaching skills.

Exceptional Communication Skills
High Level Emotional Intelligence
High Level Organisational Skills.
Adept Critical Thinking Ability
Team Player
Computer Skills - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher & Outlook),SAP, ORACLE, JD EDWARDS, ACCPAC
Psychometric Testing/ Evidence Based Practice
Facilitating Positive Student Learning Outcomes.
Behavioural Intervention Strategist
Student Empowerment Mentor/Tutor
Person Centred Counselling Approach
Group Facilitation

Awards/ Qualifications
• Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies, UWA
• Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, Murdoch University
• Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), University of South Africa
• First Aid Certificate, St John’s Ambulance
• School Psychologists Association of Western Australia
Induction Blocks 1-4, SPAWA
• Specific Learning Disorders Training (SLD), SPAWA
• Gatekeepers Suicide Prevention Certificate, Mental Health Commission
• Certificate of Recognition - Supervision of Pre-Service Teachers,
Murdoch University
• Certificate of Recognition - Student Mentor-Applecross Senior High
School, UWA
• Accelerated Coaching Certification - Authentic Education
• The Way of the Wealthy - Authentic Education
• Present Like A Pro - Authentic Education
• Expert Accelerator- Authentic Education
• The Breakthrough Experience – Dr John Demartini

Vanithamani Pillay

Professional Experience

Provisional School Psychologist

Delivering a wide range of Psychological and school based student support services to over 1,300 students at Australind Senior High School allowed me to utilise some of my greatest strengths to achieve positive learning, behavioural and mental health outcomes to students, parents and caregivers.

Effectively building rapport with students and parents from diverse backgrounds and cultures allowed me to effectively understand various cultural and behavioural issues that arose and as a result implemented preventative strategies and early intervention methods to drastically reduce student truancy rates and psycho-social issues and increase student engagement and positive outcomes in class.

Selected Accomplishments:
The ability to operate very effectively under tight daily deadlines is an area I excel in as with such a multi-faceted approach to my work time cannot afford to be wasted. A result of my organisational skills and time management is displayed where I regularly meet and exceed KPI’s and requirements set by the department and Psychology Board of Australia.
Developing a risk management plan and suicide prevention plan to support and successfully manage at risk students.

Learning Club Tutor (Volunteer)

I have always had a deep passion to work with and empower people to make a difference, this is what my current volunteering experience at The Smith Family allows me to do. Many of the students I work with are from disadvantaged homes or migrant homes and are currently making some challenging transitions from school to employment or further study, a majority of these students are lacking in basic English, numeracy, literacy and social skills.

My role strategically mentors and facilitates positive learning outcomes to enable them to develop the necessary skills to succeed in the workforce and community.
Selected Accomplishments:
Exceptional open ended communication skills are vital to success in any Student engagement role, my current volunteering experience at the Smith Family as a learning club tutor is an example of how my teaching, mentoring and psychological skills are put into practice to engage students from disadvantaged homes and migrant homes at Thornlie Primary School and High School.
My extensive knowledge and practical application of overcoming barriers to education has provided these students with mainstream literacy, English, numeracy and social skills to settle into their local community as a refugee or new arrival to Australia.

After School Homework Teacher

A large percentage of student disengagement in education is due to the students’ needs not being met or understood. My employment as a homework teacher involved assisting students with learning difficulties using appropriate educational practices and counselling theories to reinforce and advance literacy, numeracy and social skills. Through one on one and group mentoring I ensured that all students were effectively supported and were coping with their workloads adequately.

Selected Accomplishments:
Planning and developing customised classes and activities designed to engage and encourage student learning outcomes in accordance with curriculum framework and Department of Education Guidelines.

Supervisor-Pre-Service Teachers/ Tutor (Part-Time)

My employment at two of Western Australia’s Universities kick started my love for Education where I prepared and planned tutorial lessons and tutorial worksheets, marked exams papers and assignments and delivered tutorials and workshops to 1st year medical students on the topics of- Communication and Consultation Skills of Clinical Practice and also a unit called “Well Being”.

In 2013 I supervised Pre-Service Teachers which involved observing lessons, providing feedback about planning and evaluation and mentoring teachers to develop reflective practices.

Receiving exemplary verbal and written feedback from staff and students from the student survey about my teaching skills.

Family Support Officer (Part-Time)

The skills and experience developed in my role as a Family Support Officer are vital to the success of a Health and Wellbeing Tutor. A key part in student engagement is a supportive and stable family environment to motivate and encourage their children, this role involved managing and co-ordinating experienced staff and volunteers to work with parents of children to boost their overall confidence and competency, by utilising the strengths and needs of the parents this fostered a stronger parent/ child relationship and reduced conflict/ behavioural management issues.

I thrive on providing the best care possible to students and parents, this involved developing and maintaining highly effective relationships with external stakeholders to ensure client’s needs were adequately met some of these organisations were- DCP, Child health nurses, CAMHS, NGALA and various accommodation support services.

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