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Grade 1 Pipe band drummer here to teach you sight reading, rudiments, and anything else.

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About the lesson

What is pipe band drumming? We're those drummers that play with bagpipes in a Bagpipe band! We're also known as "side drummers" or "highland snare drummers" but in the band they just call us "snares". If you saw a pipe band outside during a parade and thought "hey that's pretty cool I wanna do that", you can it's obtainable and a great pass time come join the community, hit up google and I'm sure you'll find a bagpipe band near you, anywhere in the world and they're always looking for new members.

If you're a complete beginner, no stress I'm here to help :). I have a very good audio recording setup so the sound quality over a webcam lesson will be fantastic. I can also record the lesson if you'd like for you to go back and rewatch.

1) Typical FIRST lesson would start with introducing warm-up exercises to get going. After the first lesson warm-up time will be dropped, there's no sense in paying me for something you can do without my assistance. You're expected to do your warmup before the lesson begins.

2)If the student has any experience I'll ask them to play something for me, anything at all, even if it's a rudiment, just so I can get a fundamental understanding of their play-style and skill level.

3) Once that's done if the student has any experience we'll do a quick sight reading test. I'll give the student a very basic level grade 5 score, highlight a bar and asking them to play it. The difficult of the score will increment until the student is no longer able to play what's highlighted. The process is similar to an eye exam where the optometrist asks you if you can read a line then asks you to read the smaller one until you cant read anymore. Many pipe band drummers (particularly old school) do not know how to read or write properly. Music is like any other language, it has to be written down the same way, every time. You wouldn't be able to easily read a book that wrote "clock" as "klawk" would you? If you give a score that I write to ANY professional musician, in the world they will be able to sight read and tell you whats going on. If you gave that same musician a score from most local pipe band drummers they will be lost and tell you the music doesn't make sense. Sight reading is a MUST. I write my scores with the same convention professional drummers like Drew Duthart, Steven McWirther and Jim Kilpatrick use

For all lessons, if the student has material to practice or aspiring pieces they want to learn I'll look for parts that will definitely give the student trouble and assign them a rudiment to practice outside of the lesson. If the student is having trouble reading the score, we can go line by line, I'll break down the beats and guide the student towards being able to read it autonomously. Once the student can play through the score I'll find parts that have timing issues or sound rough and we'll work them out.

The lesson would end with a summary of what we learnt along with some "homework" like "Try to read as much as you can of this piece and show me how far you get next week" or "Practice 16th note doubles at 60 and 120BPM"

I can also go over the instrument itself with topics like:
--Snares (shimming)
--Any hardware (lugs, harness attachments, etc)

--Tension of top and bottom snares
--Tension of heads (how far is too far)
--Height of top and bottom snare

If you're a complete beginner and all of this sounds very foreign to you then I'm your guy. This is my passion, I love pipe band drumming and I want you to love it as well. Whether your preparing for your Grade 3 MSR Solo or have never played an instrument before I can definitely help you out.


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About Xavier

I've been playing in pipe bands for over 10 years, I grew up playing pipe band snare drum in the Canadian air cadets. While I was there I took many (6 week) courses on instruction and how to approach different students. I currently play at a grade 1 level but haven't played competitively for academic reasons.



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