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Excel in life with positive life coaching, through counseling,hipnotherapy,meditations and motivation techniques by a highly qualified and experienced professional

    • Chandigarh
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After assessment of desired traits corrective therapies will be applied through email, video chat and telephonic conversations till expected results


  • Personal coaching


  • English


  • All Levels



  • 5h: $185
  • 10h: $370


  • $37/h

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    Interactive, participative and fun.

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  • Public Speaking, Elocution, Accent Reduction, New Accent, Presentation Skills and Voice coach - graduate from top London Drama School


    London, United Kingdom

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  • Leave the friendzone for good : I teach you how to seduce women (Workshop and follow-up by webcam)


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    My method : Let’s meet and have a drink. We discuss about your needs and I tell you my vision, and see how I can help. NB...

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    Recently graduated from SciencesPo Paris and the School of Public Speaking in Paris, I teach public speaking classes at all...

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  • Voice, Speech, Public Speaking and Accent Reduction Coach - 10 Years of Audiobook Narration, Voice Acting & Executive Presence Coaching Experience - Richard Di Britannia


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    Have you ever wished people would agree with your opinions, take your thoughts into consideration or just say 'you've got a...

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    Our first meeting allows me on the one hand to understand your background and your expectations, and on the other hand to...

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  • Master Yourself First. The rest is easy!! Certified TTT - NLP Life Coach and Master Practitioner.

    Ratandeep Matta

    Mumbai, India

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    My methodology is to first spend ample time becoming friends and getting to know the student. Then, I help them remove layer...

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  • A dedicated wife, a mother of two boys, business owner, epidemiologist, and teacher, gives the most valuable life advice, coaching, and techniques for success.


    Westmount, Canada

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    My lessons are practical, easy to follow, and dynamic. I prepare beforehand and custom tailor each lesson to my student's...

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  • Philosophical Counseling and Coaching by a Philosophy Major from UWaterloo in GTA.


    Toronto, Canada

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    This course is more of a personal coaching to help the apprentice to express their abstract philosophical and metaphysical...

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