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Marwa - Prof maths - Canton


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Bachelor's in Neuroscience graduate teaching array of science and mathematics based subjects!

About the lesson

Currently, I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, which offered me an opportunity to work in an array of mathematical and scientific based classes. Through the diverse classes I have taken, I am confident I can apply the knowledge I gained in teaching students the correct and accurate subject materials and concepts.

My philosophy to confidently understanding any subject is to develop a lesson plan that is structured around each individuals learning style. As a neuroscience student, the largest take away was that no two brains think or are developed the same way. That is why it is my belief and my promise that I will work with each student in a manner that suits them best all while truly obtaining a full understanding of the subject at hand.

That being said, I am enthusiastic and professional. I would very much enjoy having the opportunity to bring each student to his/her full potential. In the case you become interested, feel free to message me with your material and we can work together to develop a lesson plan that fits you best. I am confident not only in my abilities to teach but the students ability to learn while enjoying the subject as well.


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    Organic chemistry



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    NCEA Level 3

About Marwa

For the past years, I have worked as a learning assistant with several professors at Michigan State University in subjects from General Chemistry, Calculus and Neuroscience Labs. Through these environments, I have been able to assist faculty members with classroom instruction, exams, record keeping, and other miscellaneous projects. I was also able to develop my teaching skills such as teamwork and organizational understandings, amongst other valuable skills. My greatest enjoyment through these roles was to tutor or mentor students. On average I noticed that many students gained a better understanding of the material when a learning assistant was able to guide their knowledge in the right direction. As a recent graduate myself, I depended on teaching roles, such as learning assistant to develop my understanding of the subject. With my own experience and the skills, I've also gained many students achieve better grades and also move onto achieving college diplomas.



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