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The average price of English  lessons is $24.

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Why we study the English language

English is spoken by over 95% of the New Zealand population and most of us learn the language as children. When we go to primary school at the age of 5, we usually can already understand and speak English. However, English is still one of the most difficult school subjects in New Zealand and lots of students struggle to get good grades in it. So, why is it so difficult to study the English language if we already know it when we go to school?

The reason for this is simple. At school, we don't simply learn English but we develop different language skills that we will use all throughout our lives. Even native speakers may need years to learn those skills and to be able to express their feelings and thoughts efficiently. In fact, as children, we normally speak only about simple things with our parents. As we learn new subjects at school, we start using language to express more complex ideas in a variety of areas. Our language skills improve at the same time as our general knowledge and are even necessary to acquire it. English lessons provide students with tools that they will need for their further education, which makes it a truly vital subject.

When we grow up we usually pick up English by talking to our family and other children, but we, of course, don't use written language with them. The first time we start learning to read and write in English is usually when we go to school. Having good writing and reading skills is essential for our further education and our life in modern society in general. We constantly use written English in almost every area of life, from sending online messages to our friends to dealing with important documents in our job. We learn lots of new things from books and can even write to express our own ideas and change the world.

The advantages of studying English in Hamilton

Hamilton is the fourth-largest city in New Zealand and it has great educational institutions. A great place to start studying English for young children can be Te Totara Primary School. It offers education for students in years 1-6. At the school, children can develop their reading and writing skills and improve their oral expression. They can then continue their education in Maeroa Intermediate School and Fairfield College. Both institutions pay a lot of attention to teaching their students good English language skills and are among the best in Hamilton to prepare for NCEA exams.

Those who will reach a good level in English by the end of their school years can continue their language studies at university. Hamilton is home to the main campus of the University of Waikato offering higher education programmes in literature, linguistics, teaching or communication, for example. Good English skills will be necessary for studying in a variety of other areas, from law to biology. University students come across a lot of new terms and expressions during their studies and need to learn to use them properly.

A great tool to improve your level in both spoken and written English is literature. Books will help you improve your spelling and grammar while learning new things. People who read a lot start expressing their thoughts in more structured ways and with a richer vocabulary. Hamilton is a great place for literary enthusiasts. The city has several great bookshops where you can find the most recent book releases and get advice. In particular, we would like to quote Whitcoulls Te Rapa employing very friendly staff and, of course, Browsers Bookshop offering books in a great variety of genres. What's more, Hamilton is a very green city and you can easily find a nice park where you can read a book while enjoying the sunny weather.

Why study English with a private tutor

Students often start struggling with English at school because of how their learning process is organised. Their tutor has to follow the curriculum that devotes a given number of hours to each topic. But all students don't have the same difficulties. Some find it tricky to master the spelling rules whereas others don't understand how to write essays. Their tutor can't adapt the classes to the needs of each student and so some students simply don't have enough time to develop some skills.

Studying English with a private English tutor is completely different in that respect. During the first courses, the tutor will identify the exact difficulties faced by the student and focus on those particular issues. When students take a private course, they do exercises that help them progress and don't waste time on what they already know. This makes private classes very efficient and even a few weeks of tutoring can yield significant results.

What's more, students can take private courses at home or online. Studying in a familiar environment puts them at ease and they learn new things more easily. Tutoring classes are a great way to boost students' level in the English language outside school.

Find the perfect English tutor for your child on Superprof

If your child starts having trouble with English at school, it becomes urgent to find a private tutor to help them get back on track. But not all parents know how to find a good teacher in Hamilton. Luckily, now there is a simple solution called Superprof. On our website, you find the profiles of numerous English tutors from Hamilton or teaching online. We will provide you with all the necessary information about them, such as their price rates, years of experience, methods or the level they teach and you'll be able to read reviews written by other students. You can then book a first course with the tutor you like and see if your child gets along well with them. The majority of our tutors offer their first lesson for free so it can be a great opportunity to find someone who really suits your needs and improve your language skills as quickly as possible.

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