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Revit Architecture and Structure: Exploring the software for types of simulation, analysis and modelling.

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About the lesson

All the sessions will be on zoom meeting and it can be both way regular or weekend batches depending on availability of student. The sessions are structured in a step wise manner to bring out a better output and which helps in making a perfect model for the BIM Analysis in Revit.

Course Brief:
Introduction and installation of Revit:
 Project files
 Families file
 Access tollbar
 Menu bar
 Properties menu
 Project browser
 Shortcut key information
 Create levels and grid
 Creating walls (creating our walls and its properties)
 Creating parts in wall
 Door (creating door family)
 Window (creating window family)
 Floor and roofs (creating layers)
 Place components and properties
 Circulation (Ramp, staircase, and elevators)
 Place on host
 Column and properties
Modify :
 Creating openings which include wall, shaft, face, and Dormers
 Annotate command which will include making working drawings defining all the levels, line
weight, scale, and color
 Room and area: Rendering of the plan in Revit
 Modify commands like an array, trim, scale, etc
 Clipboard command
 Making of curtain walls
Advanced modelling:
 Model command
 Create different types of sun shades
 Site components
 Importing AutoCAD files
 Geometric commands
 Annotate command to detail plan
 Section, elevation, and callouts
 Walkthrough, 3d, and rendering
 Enscape rendering software
 Link revit to work on different models
 Schedule (door, window, wall, etc)
 Render commands
Family in Revit:
 Create family
 Model in place
Basic object creation:
 Simple objects creation
 Object creation like walls, window, door, etc
Mass Modelling :
 Conceptual mass command
 Mass flooring command
 Model by face and roof
 Topo surface
 Exploring the different possibilities of making brick bonds and brick walls.
 Making jalis and it’s components
 Designing parametric walls
 Designing of parametric roof
Revit structure:
 Structural beam
 Structural column
 Bracing in revit
 Truss command
 Slab
 Structural foundation
 Rebar in column, beam, foundation slab
 Steel joints
Sciography and solar analysis


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About Priya

I am a perfection driven architect who believes in a creating blend of indigenous ideas and practical attributes. I believe in creating spaces and designing keeping our historical values and culture in mind. My passion for designing and creating new things motivates me to drive every task to its successful completion. Working on Revit since 6 years and have trained various Professionals and Students in this software. I am certified in Revit Architecture from CAD-E-Soft and BIM from IIT Bombay.



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Learn more about Priya

  • 01

    Tell us more about your subject. How did you develop an interest in this field?

    Revit is an architectural software used widely all over the world. It has wide scope and demand in the current market, at present it is the most advanced tool available to us. During my bachelor's, my professor's were only guidance and they told me about this software and its use with future scope. I started exploring and learning this software since then it's continuous learning.

  • 02

    What or who is the motivation behind you choosing to teach & why?

    When I was learning this software there were many things which we miss out and are important to us when we start practicing therefore my own self motivated me to plan a schedule which covers maximum things that needs to be done.

  • 03

    How does your work help society?

    As I said there are many things which we miss out on and are not available on the various other learning platforms, with time I have developed a way out for a few things (Eg: making sustainable Indian Jali's in Revit) which will help students or professionals in their field.

  • 04

    If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?

    Every person is a role model. That's my belief because each person has a unique talent and knows something that we don't know.

  • 05

    Tell us about your hobbies outside teaching.

    Apart from teaching, reading and art are my side hobbies.

  • 06

    Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your student or professional life?

    Not really.

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