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( with audio layers, and drawing the worlds ) ; schoolteaching the Arabic and quran

About the lesson

an Arabic student all my life, had participate in Arabic hand writing art; love to practice different accents and slang . i went to Quran school for 9 years where we learn the book, understand it and memorized it.


  • Arabic
  • Accent reduction - Arabic
  • Vocabulary - Arabic
  • +3

    Oral expression - Arabic

    Oral comprehension - Arabic

    Written comprehension - Arabic


  • English


  • Primary
  • High School
  • NCEA Level 1
  • +10

    NCEA Level 2










About Fares

i have been a Quran tauter for 3 years, i teach my relatives kids the pronunciation and make them practice to read things in a nice voice layers . a couple of families make me help their kids for this type of skills.



  • 5h: $140
  • 10h: $280


  • $28/h

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