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Globally experienced teacher of Science & Special Needs- "I'll guarantee your success!!"

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I will be patient, supportive, encouraging, but firm and focused on your achieving success- whilst enjoying yourself!!

Here's what I offer:
1) 1 Hour Skype session of talking about, explaining and practising what you want to learn
2) A worksheet with answers sent by email each week for you to practice what you are learning
3) Ideas on how to make a plan so that you are prepared for assessments, deadlines, goals


  • Chemistry
  • Other sciences
  • Organic chemistry
  • +2


    Industrial chemistry


  • English


  • Primary
  • High School
  • NCEA Level 1
  • +3

    NCEA Level 2

    NCEA Level 3



I've taught GCSE Sciences & Chemistry IB Diploma/A Level in the UK, in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

I've worked in local schools and International schools overseas.

I've worked with students whose first language is not English - so I know how to operate in this situation

I also know the PYP, MYP Sciences -and how to support Numeracy/Literacy & Special Needs students.



  • 5h: $245
  • 10h: $490


  • $49/h


25 quid is for the full package -
1)1 Hour webcam Lesson 2) Dedicated worksheet + answers 3) Suggested websites to support learning

For 1 Hour webcam Lesson only the price will be 20 pounds per hour.

The 1st Free lesson is 30 minutes

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