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Empower yourself through art, for beginners and aspiring artists with fellow artist.

About the lesson

Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to see what you don't. In collaborating in thoughts and constructive criticism, you can develop further. Sometimes all it takes is one mark or stroke on paper or canvas. I'm here to help.


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Watercolor painting
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    Acrylic painting

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About Ashley

Originally have obtained a degree in Business, and have attended art school. I have taught beginners to even begin to draw and encourage fellow artists online internationally to keep on drawing. I share and have techniques that I have access to and have been running an online presence in the art networks. I also have the knowledge when approaching your art as a business and can give new entrepreneurial advice after having started a failed my own start up with lessons to learn. I have a few commissions under my belt, including a mural for a restaurant and painting mod for a local band's guitar. I have painted and drawn everything, from landscapes, to people, animals and furniture; fruit to cartoons. I have also had a hand in video editing, writing music, and poetry. My philosophy is in part, "do and paint history the way you see it". I too am constantly learning every day, and have began more research in art and colour therapy.



  • 5h: $77
  • 10h: $96


  • $10/h


Students can obtain techniques and continue to practice alone off camera. They will also receive any feed back and constructive criticism.
Should you like for me to visit your home for sketch lessons, I would ask that you provide your own materials for the first couple of sessions.
For any other information, please contact me.

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