Will you learn English in the New Zealand Landscape Sheep

Learn English Online in New Zealand

English is the default language spoken in New Zealand, and for the most part, New Zealanders are monolingual. While Maori is the native language, it was almost extinct until an active revival of Te Reo began in the 1980s. This means that no matter where in New Zealand you are planning on moving to, you will […]

22 July 20217 minutes to read

Kiwi Personal Trainer With Weights

Find Personal Trainers Near Me in New Zealand

Most of us need to move more! It’s not about obtaining that Instagram perfect body, or even about being able to run a marathon. Kiwi’s need to move more to live a happy life! Increased fitness and improved strength help reduce pain and make us smarter and lead to a longer life. Motivation is so […]

26 June 20217 minutes to read